Lets start with a party

For my 4 year old girls birthday party this year I wanted to do something girly and elegant.  I had an idea to use ribbons of lace as the backdrop to the dessert buffet, however I didn’t like the price of them and couldn’t justify spending that much on the backdrop. I started to think what I could use as an alternative and found a Martha Stewart punch at joanns that was called flower bed.  It is very much like an eyelet border and eyelet kinda looks like lace right? so I got an idea to punch a crepe streamer with the MS punch. I got all excited, got my coupon and bought the punch at joanns, came home and started punching, well not not really. I realized that the punch does not work on the crepe paper, it just bunches up and doesn’t go through :( so I got to thinking and couldn’t come up with anything, then asked my super smart hubby “what is thin, made of paper, on a roll, and cheap?” and he goes “receipt paper” and I was like oh yeah! receipt paper is perfect, you would think I would be the one to think of that with all those years working in retail and having to change those things out all the time. I had him pick up 3 rolls of the about 2 inch width receipt paper at Staples and it worked amazingly!

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This is my precious Olichka, isn’t she adorable?


I wanted her to have a cute dress to match so I found a silky chiffon fabric at Joann’s that  I loved and sewed her this cute little dress with lace ribbons. The headpiece is made of 2 fabric flowers, some ostrich fathers and millinery netting attached to comb.

I created the dessert labels in Photoshop then printed on card stock and cut them out using decorative scissors.

The popcorn holders was also card stock that was punched used the same MS punch as the ribbons.

Kiddos drank lemonade from these “milk bottles” which are actually Starbucks frappachino bottles that I collected. I wrapped them with the lace streamers that I made, then tied an aqua ribbon into a bow and added paper straws that I bought at Zgallerie.


blowing out the candles

Olichka with her friends.

They all love popcorn so much.

I was to tired from making all the desserts and just decided to order pizza.

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